About Us

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Who are we?

WEBGIIG is a JavaScript Development Agency located in Cameroon (Central Africa) that supports entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations around the world by building top-notch web-based platforms that suits their needs.

We are made up of web designers, developers and project managers with varied cultures, but one goal: to support entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations in their various projects.

We equally carry out some follow-up in order for our partners to get started with a better posture by providing them with advice and coaching as well as by communicating our know-how. We will accompany you at every level of your project.


At WEBGIIG, we attach great importance to meeting our commitments. We share these values within our company and offer a tailor-made service corresponding to the highest quality standards.

Within our team, we highlight the following qualities:

Respect ● Dedication ● Know-how ● Humility

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