create a Website For Hair Stylists

Building a Website For Hair Stylists

Hairdressers meet a basic need and their services will always be in high demand.

Whether you run a large hairdressing salon or have just started your own business, you need to be found by your customers and regularly be in contact with them. This is why the Internet is playing an increasingly important role that virtually no business can do without today.

In this article, you will learn how to create a Website For Hair Stylists and we will present a website template for hairdressers, the steps in creating a website for hairstylists and its content, as well as the fundamentals of natural referencing in order to be found on search engines.

The benefits of a professional website for hairdressers

In this era of social media, having your own website might not be the only way to market yourself on the internet anymore, but it is certainly the most professional.

Regardless of the size of the business in question, very few companies and freelancers, today can do without their own website, and for very good reasons that also apply to hairdressers:

  • Your website is the point of contact for potential customers on the Internet: it is a business card, an image catalog, and an information platform.
  • A website for your hair salon allows you to attract new clients, even in your immediate vicinity: it is easy to lose opportunities by not being found quickly and easily on the web.
  • A site offers the possibility of making an appointment with the hairdresser online: each customer who registers on your website instead of making an appointment by phone saves you from having to interrupt your work
  • A web page allows you to showcase your services with a personalized presentation: unlike social media platforms, you are the only one to determine the content and appearance of your website
  • A site provides information on new products, modified opening hours, or current promotions: you thus improve your service, in particular to your regular customers
  • Your hair salon’s website serves as a starting point for all social media activities: update the content on your website and then share it on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Hairdressers and Corona: optimize time management

Having a website was already important for many hairdressers before the arrival of Covid-19, but the need has increased dramatically during the pandemic.

Today, all those who urgently need a haircut or coloring must first go through the Internet to find an open salon. Indeed, many salons located in shopping arcades have had to close their doors.

It is, therefore, the ideal time for newcomers to the hairdressing world to gain the loyalty of a clientele that seeks proximity, professionalism, and speed at the same time.

In addition, a hairdresser’s website is also an important tool to keep in contact with clients. It is especially important to provide customers with reliable and accurate information during these troubled times.

You can easily keep them informed of opening hours or your availability quickly. And if you are one of the hairdressers who have had to close their doors, take advantage of this period to create or improve your own Internet page and thus anticipate deconfinement.

How to create a website for hairdressers?

Using the services of a good web agency is one of the most practical ways to get a professional website as a business owner. In addition, you will not have to think about the design, structure, and characteristics of your future site.

Nowadays, creating a professional website for your business is within the reach of everyone. With the right method, you can have a beautiful website for your hair salon online in just a few hours, without any prior knowledge, and at a minimal cost. Besides using a traditional website design agency, today there are many ways to get your own site:

  • Program and design the website yourself
  • Design the site with a content management system like WordPress
  • Create a hairdresser website with a website builder
  • Use the web design service of a good ISP
 Program your own websiteCMSWebsite creation toolWebsite design service
AdvantagesMaximum freedom in the design of the websiteProfessional assistance; is inexpensive compared to traditional web agenciesA simple and practical solution from a single source; ready-to-use templatesProfessional assistance; inexpensive compared to traditional web agencies
DisadvantagesGood programming and site design skills are requiredThe level of quality of the design models varies widely; you are in charge of the security of your siteDepends on a single supplier, especially for small creative tools; few expansion possibilitiesRelatively high dependence on a single supplier
Price levelLowLow / MediumAverageMedium to High
Degree of difficultyVery importantAverageWeakVery weak

Creating your own hairdresser’s website takes time

Programming and designing your hair salon website yourself is probably the best way to create a low-cost Internet presence. The major problem is that in order to create a professional-looking, state-of-the-art website on your own, you need an in-depth knowledge of markup and programming languages. This is something that very few people can acquire overnight.

WordPress and other CMS

With a content management system (CMS), it is possible to create a hair stylist website without any programming knowledge. However, it is a good idea to have a little understanding of HTML and CSS.

The most popular CMS in the world is WordPress, which is intuitive and well-designed. Due to its popularity, WordPress offers a large selection of free and paid templates, called themes, which can be used as the basis for creating your hairdressing website.

One of the major problems with WordPress is that each theme works differently. In addition, you are most of the time on your own when creating websites using the CMS.

Fortunately, the right internet providers will always help you choose the right domain and set up your CMS.

Website creation tool

Website creation tools work essentially like content management systems. But they are much more convenient and easier to use for beginners.

With the right program, creating a site becomes intuitive and easy. So you can start designing your hair salon website right away, without any prior knowledge.

Here again, you choose a template adapted to your sector which serves as the basis for your site.

The right website builder tools offer a multitude of different templates for every need. Most often, it suffices to change the texts and images before being able to put the site online. You can recognize a good website builder by the following characteristics:

  • A large selection of attractive and modern templates that can individually be modified
  • A simple and intuitive operation
  • Numerous functions, adapted to the requirements of websites for hairdressers such as an appointment calendar/manager, a contact form, social media buttons, etc.
  • Help for search engine optimization; thus, your website is more easily found on Google
  • Support personnel with professionals who answer all your questions

Website design service

Using a website design service can be a good alternative to a regular web agency or site builder. You start by choosing an attractive design template that will serve as the basis for the look of your website.

webgiig banner

You then benefit from individual and personalized support to help you determine the structure of the pages, design the texts and select the images. The website of your hairdressing salon is then designed with the site creation tool of the supplier concerned, with one major difference: professionals take care of essential tasks for you and advise you personally.

Page Structure: How Do I Build My Hairdresser Website?

It doesn’t matter if you program your website yourself, go through a web design agency, or organize it yourself using a website builder tool: before you start, you should at least get an overview of the content of your site and how you want to build it. A website for hairdressers may include the following pages or content:

  • Home page; by far the most important page
  • Services page, with the presentation of skills
  • “About” page or “Team” page because your voice counts
  • Contact and Appointment page, quick and easy to create
  • References page, to present your most beautiful hairstyles
  • News page, ready to be shared on social networks
  • Legal Notice and Privacy Policy page, by legal necessity

The first impression matters: the home page is therefore the most important page of your website. From there, visitors can navigate to the various subpages. Typically, visitors want to know who they’re dealing with, what services you offer, and how they can contact you. This information should be visible at a glance on your home page.

When it comes to information, the text is important, however, beautiful images and videos are just as eye-catching, especially in the creative professions.

Many people visit a hairdresser’s website when they want to make an appointment. So, make it as easy as possible for them: display your phone number, the address of your hairdressing salon, and the possibility of making an appointment online. It will also allow your website to rank higher in local Google searches.

In addition to the home page, it is possible to insert the following sub-pages for your hairdressing salon’s website. Of course, you can enrich them over time.

Services page: highlighting skills

This section is so important that we recommend that you give it a short and concise overview right from the home page. If your visitors want to know more, just link to this subpage. The majority of hairdressers offer services such as a haircut, shampoo, treatment, or brushing.

In order to stand out, you can explain what makes your work special and your approach. In addition, you can list the services that other hairdressers in your area do not offer.

Many customers will equally want to know the prices of corresponding services. Be transparent here and provide an updated price list. So your visitors will quickly know what to expect and can choose the services accordingly.

“About” page or “Team” page: personality matters

On this page, you introduce yourself and your team in a beautiful light. As with all creative professions, customers want to know who they are dealing with on hair salon websites.

Personality matters: Beautiful photos of your team with perfect hairstyles give you the opportunity to make a good impression. You can also mention the (special) training you have taken or the specialty of each member of your team.

Contact and appointment page: quick and easy to reach

As we mentioned before, you need to make it as easy as possible for your customers to contact you. Your phone number and address are already on the home page, but this section can include this information in the form of a map, for example.

Most importantly, visitors should have the option to book appointments online in the “Contact Us / Book an Appointment” section. This option should equally be clearly indicated on the home page.

Reference page: your most beautiful hairstyles

In this section, you can showcase your benchmark photos and report on your successes in the form of a photo gallery, for example.

Positive reviews from your loyal customers can also work in your favor.

News page: ready to be shared on social networks?

If you already regularly post content on social media or plan to do so in the future, you should create a “News” or “What’s New” page on your website, which may take the form of a blog, for example.

You can then regularly publish new content, to share on Facebook or Instagram.

The advantage: you will have more visits to your website thanks to social networks, which will ultimately bring you more customers.

Hairdressers’ websites require a legal notice and a privacy policy by law. Most often, Internet service providers help and advise their customers during this mandatory step.

Step by step: guide to creating a hairdresser website

When creating your hair salon website, try to take it step by step. So far we have shown you what options are available to you for the realization of your project and what content is suitable for a hairdresser website. Now is the time to bring your web project to life. The following four steps are of crucial importance:

Step 1: Choose a domain name for your hair salon website

Each site needs an Internet address (domain) in order to be accessible on the Net. But what is a good domain name for a hairdresser’s website? In short, a good domain name has the same characteristics as a good brand name:

namecheap domain
namecheap domain
  • A good domain name is easy to remember: it is memorized in an instant by your customers
  • A good domain name sums up what you do and what you offer: it condenses your website
  • If you are already known to the public by a certain name, try using that name as a domain name or integrating it into your domain.
  • Short and to the point: the shorter and easier to understand your domain name, the fewer typos visitors will make when typing it.
  • Avoid using special characters and accents, which are often a source of misunderstanding
  • The domain name has an influence on how your website is found by search engines like Google. Think about what your clients are looking for for example, if you are the only hairdresser in your town, a domain like makes sense.
  • Choose a domain extension that’s right for your business.

It is not always easy to reconcile all these points. You may need to weigh the pros and cons and compromise.

Step 2: find the right design for your website

It is important to take the time to create your website design, especially in an industry related to appearance, taste, and personal style. The concept of your site should reflect your identity as a hairdresser.

Whether you are designing your website with a professional agency or on your own using a site builder tool: you need to visualize the design, colors, and shapes of your website right from the start. This will give you a result that meets your expectations.

If you don’t have any design ideas, you can take inspiration from existing templates, such as website creation tools. With these creative tools, you can also start designing your hairdresser website right away.

Step 3: determine the content (texts, images, and videos)

Now that you have the basic structure and design of your website ready, you can start working on your site content. No page can do without quality, concise text.

Good photographs are also crucial to the websites of hairdressers where style and appearance play a central role.

Web design agencies and services may also help you create or proofread texts, especially to improve your search engine rankings.

Step 4: Publish and Optimize Your Hair Salon Website

Before publishing a hairdresser’s website, carefully check the content, functionality, and links for any errors. Once published, all that remains is to promote your website.

namecheap shared hosting
namecheap shared hosting

Search engines like Google and social networks allow visitors to access it. Concretely, more visitors equals more customers. That is why it is important to create a hairdressing website that is easy to find on search engines and constantly optimize it.

In this context, the following are important:

  • Make sure your website is technically flawless. A site that loads quickly and is accessible will be rated better by search engines
  • Nowadays, users visit websites on a smartphone or tablet. This is why your site should be as “mobile-friendly” as possible, which will improve your ranking on Google.
  • Search engine bots read the text first. Analyze the keywords your customers are looking for on the internet and naturally incorporate those terms into your website headlines and texts. The Keyword research tools help you find the relevant terms.
  • Do not copy texts that you find on the Internet! Google penalizes so-called duplicate content by devaluing or deindexing the copier site.
  • Search engine bots don’t get much information from photos. To find out how to get to the top of the Google rankings by optimizing your images, read the article on image optimization.
  • Adopt a logical layout and a clear, concise structure for your website. Make sure all internal links on your site are correct.
  • As a hair salon, local SEO is recommended. Just list your hair salon’s website on Google MyBusiness as well as local business directories.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a full-fledged profession. As a beginner, use SEO tools with intelligence and caution and continuously improve the SEO of your hair salon website. In the long run, you will get better results by making your site as enjoyable as possible and by following the tips in this article carefully.


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